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How It Works

Dreamtourz is not only for music lovers, artists or producers. Dreamtourz is for anyone who wants to make more money or want an extra source of income.

Four ways to make money on dreamtourz:

  1. Get any music artist or producer to register on Dreamtourz and you earn 50% commission instantly. He/she registers with a onetime membership fee of ₦1000, ($4) and you earn N500 ($2) instantly in your online account.

  1. Every time your referred artist/producer uploads a song or a free beat, you still earn 50% commission instantly. For example, anytime your referred artist/producer uploads a song or free beat with ₦1000 ($4) you earn ₦500 ($2) directly into your online account.

  1. Anytime your referred artist or producers, refer new artist/producer You earn 10% commission from every new artist/producer they refer. You will be paid ₦100 ($0.40) from each artist/producers your referred artist/producer introduce/refer to dreamtourz. 

  1. You also earn 10% commission whenever the artist/producers referred by your referral, drops/uploads a new song or free beat on dreamtourz.  This means that you also earn ₦100 ($0.40) instantly whenever the artist/producer drops/uploads a new song or free beat on Dreamtourz.

Practical Example

. If John refers 1000 artists/producers he will earn ₦500,000 instantly. This means that he earns ₦500 from each person he refers.

. Presently Mr. John makes ₦100,000 on a daily basis because each of the 1000 artist/producers he referred keeps bringing at least one new member every day. John earns ₦100 on each of the new members they bring in per day which is ₦100 x 1000 = ₦100,000 daily.

. John also earns ₦100 each whenever those new members referred by his 1000 artist/producer drops a song or free beat. That is, he earns another ₦100 x 1000 = N100,000 randomly as each artist/producer referred by his referrals, drops/uploads a music or free beat. That’s not all.

John also earns ₦500 whenever each of his 1000 referred artist/producer drops/uploads a song or free beat. That is, John earns another ₦500,000 consecutively whenever all his artist/producer drops songs or free beat.