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How It Works

How it works


1. Every members are advised to read and strictly abide by this rules

2. The idea is to make music  go viral by listening and downloading the songs on your mobile phones and also allowing  the artist to know your opinion about his/her new song.

3. A one time Membership fee is N2000 ($8)

4. You must be a member before you can be paid and also complete the three task e.g listening, commenting and downloading

5. Your referral code is Also known as your online account number, you can send money to any member of dreamtourz through their referral code.

6. In Dreamtourz we share 60% of our revenue among our members.

7.  Due to fluctuations of dollars, In this system $1 is equivalent to N250

8. The minimum withdrawal is N1000 ($4)

9. You will get  N1000 ($4) on every new friend you invite to join.

10. You will get N200 ($0.8) on every new referral made by your friend.

11.  The money we pay you for listening to a new uploaded songs commenting, and downloading of new uploaded songs varies based on different financial abilities of our artist. So, we shall be paying out between N20 to N50 ($0.08 to 0.2) per task Or N60 ($0.24) per completed task I.e listening commenting and downloading.

Listening - between N20 and N50 ($0.08 -$0.2)

Commenting  - between N20 and N50 ($0.08 -$0.2)

Downloading - between N20 and N50 ($0.08 -$0.2)

Total payout per new song upload - between N60 - N150  ($0.24 - $0.6)

12. Always include your name and referral code  when commenting on songs, if your referral code is not included, you might not get rewarded except you quickly make amendments before it exceed the total number of commenters which is between 30 to 50 or more depending on artist financial ability.

13. You can listen and comment on a Song as much as you want but We only pay you for listening to a new uploaded song once, commenting once and downloading once, if you do that more than once it your choice.

14. The minimum number of people we pay for commenting listening and downloading of song is from 30 and above depending on the financial ability of our artiste.

15. Your comment must go in line with the song.

16. During registration, your account will be activated automatically when you pay online using the online payment system but if you make payment through bank transfer your account will be activated within 10mins to 24hours upon bank confirmation.

17. Payment for Referral commission shall be credited into your ewallet instantly.

18. Payment for Music task commission shall be credited into your ewallet within 48hours

19. All withdrawals shall be credited into your bank account within 48hours.